, plan your route and book all your accommodation

Plan your Perfect Road trip

It is that time of year again where Christmas is over, the New Year is well and truly underway and it is time to start planning your trips away!

As the Camping fad hits new heights, and many more people investing in camping equipment or even campervans, it is becoming more popular to get in your vehicle and just drive. We have some tips to help you plan the Perfect Road Trip for you and your friends and loved ones to enjoy.

1. Plan your Route

Plan your road trip

Life on the open road is very freeing, but planning where you want to go, or at least end up is a good idea. Driving around aimlessly is very appealing and allows you to stumble on very unexpected little gems, however, this can often backfire and you can be left without anywhere to stay. MeABee offers a full route planning tool that will give you not only your route, but available accommodation along the way on your chosen dates. Start Plotting your route and accommodation now.

2. Do something new

The world is your oyster! The best thing about a memorable road trip is doing something new. It creates a memory for your trip, gives you a sense of achievement and gives a focus to part of your trip. We are not suggesting you HAVE TO jump out of a plane or learn to surf, but why not look into getting a SUP lesson near a lake, or hiring a row boat for a nice little picnic. Whatever you choose, its a great way to spend a day!

Do something new on your road trip

3. Know your budget

Whether you are going away for a weekend or for a few months, it is good to know your budget. Factoring in accommodation, toll roads, price of fuel is really important and often overlooked. Speak to your fellow traveller and see what budget you can afford per day and plan you trip accordinly. The last thing you need is to be 200 miles from home with no fuel or money!

4. Is your vehicle ready?

Your vehicle is the most important part of a road trip so make sure it is services, taxed, insured and MOT is up to date. If you have any concerns about the way it is running, book in with a garage to get a once over before you leave. It is also a good idea to know the basics of your vehicle, like the warning lights, how to fill water and oil and screenwash. Do you have a spare wheel? Do you have the means to change it? Make sure you plan for it.

5. Know the roads in other countries

know how to drive in other countriesCertain countries will have restrictions on driving. For example, France has certain specifications your vehicle must adhere to, like adjusting your lamps, and having the right equipment for roadside breakdowns. Also know the average cost of fuel, speed limits and whether your driving license will be valid for the country you are driving in.

6. Plan your tunes!

There is nothing that will get the road trip going like a great playlist! Get on spotify now and get your favourite driving tunes downloaded. Make sure you download rather than stream as some places you go will be super remote!

7. Have extra chargers

Having extra chargers is really useful. Some vehicles will have a USB port, however, you dont want to be fighting over the charger, so its a good idea to invest in a portable charger. We recommend something like the Pebble. This will give you hours of charge time with multiple devices.

8. And Finally, pack well

Pack your vehicle well. Do you really need all the things you are bringing? Make the most used items accessible to you and know where everything is, it will save chaos and rummaging later. The most important thing is, pack clothing for all eventualities. You never know when the heavens will open or the nights will get cold. Make sure you pack warm clothes and waterproof items.

We hope this helps you plan your road trip. Remember, we can help you plan your journey and accommodation through our tool. Start your Road trip planning now and have a fantastic New Year!

Date: 15th March 2019