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United States, North America • 3455 km • 30 hr

Route 66 is one of the most iconic and well known road trips in America. Although the official route is no longer fully there, the main route, attractions and its iconic status still remains. We have put together some ideas to help you plan you route.

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Drive the most nostalgic and legendary roads of the United States of America. Route 66 is 3429 km long and traverses through eight states, connecting Chicago with Santa Barbara. One of the first Highways in the States, this scenic route carries an enormous historical significance. Also referred to as the “Mother Road” it facilitated traveling by car from east to west.

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The landscapes change from the rolling hills and croplands in Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma, through the dry landscapes of Texas and red deserts of New Mexico and Arizona to the enigmatic state of California. Passing numerous Indian Reservations, bustling cities, sleepy hamlets and ghost towns, there is always an opportunity to get out of the car and explore the America Dream. The road is dotted with iconic motels and diners that offer the American experience.

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Using our tool, you can select the route 66 option and set your dates to find relevant accommodation on the route. Some people take it leisurely and some like to do it over a few days.

Whatever your preference, this is definitely one for the bucket list!

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Date: 1st August 2019